Updates to TICO’s Education Standards Program

TICO has launched an updated study manual for both the Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager certifications. Effective Monday, February 28, 2022, TICO exams are based on the newly revised study manual.

Are the Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager exams a new requirement?

No, these exams are not a new requirement. If you have already completed your Travel Counsellor and/or Supervisor/Manager certification exams in the past, there is nothing more you need to do at this time.

Why did TICO make changes to the study manual and exams?

As the travel industry continues to evolve, TICO is enhancing the education program for individuals aspiring to become Travel Counsellors and Supervisors/Managers.

On Monday, February 28, 2022, TICO launched updated exams for both the Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager certifications, based on an updated study manual.

In the future, TICO will launch new, fully interactive online education and continuing education programs that have a strong focus on having students apply the program’s regulatory content.

Enhancing the education program will strengthen travel professionals’ knowledge as they enter the industry, which in turn will benefit the consumers they guide in their travel purchases.

What is new in the study manual?

The new study manual is a digital flipbook and features updated content that reflects significant changes to the legislation and regulations that govern Ontario’s travel industry. The new manual is similar in length and structure to the previous manual.

The new study manual is organized in the following sections:

Travel Counsellor

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Education Standards Program
Chapter 2: Ontario’s Travel Industry Act, 2002
Chapter 3: TICO’s Role in the Travel Industry
Chapter 4: Registrant Obligations – Before the Sale
Chapter 5: Registrant Obligations – After the Sale and Before Customer Travels
Chapter 6: Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund


Chapter 7: Registration Requirements
Chapter 8: Financial and Record-Keeping Requirements
Chapter 9: Complaints
Chapter 10: Investigations and Offences

What is new in the exams?

The new exams test students’ knowledge of the content in the updated study manual.

The structure of the exams will remain the same, with 50 multiple choice questions in the Travel Counsellor exam and 35 multiple choice questions in the Supervisor/Manager exam.

Has the price for the exams changed?

No, the price to complete the exams has not changed.

Travel Counsellor exam – $35

Supervisor/Manager exam – $35

Travel Counsellor exam and Supervisor/Manager exam purchased together – $50

What about individuals who were already studying with the previous manual?

Students who had registered for TICO’s Education Standards Program prior to February 28, 2022, received ample notice about the transition to the new manual and exams. The final date to write an exam using the previous manual was Sunday, February 27, 2022.

What if a student didn’t pass their exam prior to the deadline? Can they still do a re-write?

All re-writes using the previous manual had to be completed by Sunday, February 27, 2022.

NOTE: As of February 28, 2022, only the new exam is available, based on the content in the new study manual.

What if a student purchased the combination exam and only completed the Travel Counsellor portion before the February 27, 2022 deadline?

The completed Travel Counsellor exam is logged in Oliver’s online system. As of February 28, 2022, students are required to complete the new Supervisor/Manager exam, based on the new study manual. Students automatically have access to the new manual in their Oliver’s account.

Will students still have 6 months to complete their exam(s)?

Anyone who registers for the TICO Education Standards Program is given six months from the date of registration to complete their exam(s). To help with the transition to the new study manual and exam, TICO has automatically extended the program registration to Monday, August 29, 2022 for all students who have registered since September 1, 2021 and have not yet written their exam.

What if a student requires accessibility accommodation?

The new study manual is designed to be reviewed and studied online. Students who require accessibility accommodation may contact Oliver’s directly. Please call 1.800.238.0377 or email support@oliverslearning.com.

What if I have questions?

Please contact Oliver’s directly at 1.800.238.0377 or email support@oliverslearning.com.

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