Becoming a TICO Certified Travel Counsellor or Supervisor/Manager In Ontario

All individuals wishing to sell travel services in Ontario must meet TICO’s Education Standards and obtain the required Travel Counsellor Certification.  It’s the law.

NEW February 28, 2022 — TICO has launched an updated study manual for both the Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager certifications.

TICO exams are now based on the newly revised study manual. Please click here for more information.

Every person who works for a registered Ontario retail travel agency and sells travel services or provides travel advice to the public must, by law, meet TICO’s Education Standards. This includes the Supervisors and Managers on a registrant’s record with TICO.  The Education Standards Program is administered by Oliver’s Publishing Inc. for TICO.  The program consists of two levels of exams, which are taken individually:

  1. Travel Counsellor
  2. Supervisor/Manager

Preparing for and taking an exam can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 3 steps to help you prepare for  the TICO certification exam:

Step 1: Register online at

There is no fee to register online and set-up an account, only to attempt the online exams. Once you are registered with an account, you’re ready to begin studying by accessing the study manual.

STEP 2: Access the study manual

The course consists of an online study manual, quiz questions after each chapter and a sample exam. We encourage you to read the study manual thoroughly and test your knowledge with the practice quizzes and exam.

The study manual contains all the information you will need to know to pass the exams.

The study manual content is based on the information found in the legislation and regulations that all travel agents must follow.

STEP 3: Purchase an exam attempt

Purchase an exam attempt when you are confident your studying has adequately prepared you for success.

There are no restrictions on the number of attempts you can make, only the timing of exam attempts. Simply log into your account and select and purchase the exam(s) you wish to take. Each exam attempt must be purchased.

Students write the certification exams online from the comfort of their own home or office and are proctored via webcam. Students have six months to complete the exam(s) from the date of purchase.

Special Needs Accommodation

TICO has a policy to accommodate individuals with special needs. If you have a special need that requires an accommodation when writing the TICO Education Standards exam, you must submit the Special Needs Accommodation Form with as much advance notice as possible. The Special Needs Accommodation Form can be found here.


About the online exams:

NEW – for more information about the new study manual and new exams that launched on Monday, February 28, 2022, please click here.

Number of questions on the exams:

  • Travel Counsellor Exam: 50 questions
  • Supervisor/Manager Exam: 30 questions



New Manual

Please see below for the structure of the newly-revised study manual.

Travel Counsellor
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Education Standards Program
Chapter 2: Ontario’s Travel Industry Act, 2002
Chapter 3: TICO’s Role in the Travel Industry
Chapter 4: Registrant Obligations – Before the Sale
Chapter 5: Registrant Obligations – After the Sale and Before Customer Travels
Chapter 6: Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund

Chapter 7: Registration Requirements
Chapter 8: Financial and Record-Keeping Requirements
Chapter 9: Complaints
Chapter 10: Investigations and Offences

Time limit for writing the exams:

  • Travel Counsellor Exam: 90 minutes
  • Supervisor/Manager Exam: 60 minutes

Exam fees:

  • Travel Counsellor Exam: $35
  • Supervisor/Manager Exam: $35
  • Travel Counsellor Exam and Supervisor/Manager exams bought together $50
  • Fee to re-write: $24
  • Note: Exam fees include the cost of Oliver’s online proctoring system.

Exam results

All results are reported as either Pass or Fail by email within three business days of writing the exam. Exceptions may arise if the candidate’s recorded exam session contains irregularities requiring compliance review.

NOTE: Successfully passing the TICO Education Standards exam allows you to sell travel services or provide travel advice to the public on behalf of a TICO registered Ontario Travel Agency. It does not mean that you are registered to sell travel services in Ontario.

Ontario’s travel industry is subject to the Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05. Under this legislation, all travel retailers (travel agencies and/or websites) and travel wholesalers (tour operators) operating in Ontario must be registered with TICO, Ontario’s travel regulator.

For more information:

Contact Oliver’s at  (416) 922-9604 / 1-800-238-0377 or email:



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