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Take the Travel Industry Act Survey – Have Your Say Ontario!

The Ontario Government is currently updating the Travel Industry Act and Consumer Services is inviting you to provide your input! We are encouraging you, the consumer, to fill out a short survey to help the Ontario Government identify areas that will better protect you and your travel investments. This includes bus tours or vacation packages with flight(s)…

What Makes A FantasTICO Travel Agent?

Today is Travel Agent Day and we are celebrating FantasTICO travel agents! A FantasTICO travel agent will take your trip from dramatic to DramaTICO, from exotic to ExoTICO, from romantic to RomanTICO, and will make everything FanTASTICO! FantasTICO Travel Agents Are TICO Registered All travel agencies in Ontario are regulated by TICO. Registered TICO agencies…

TICO’s Wild Suitcases Are On The Move Again

Cheetahs are pouncing, gazelles are leaping, and Zebras are darting once again. TICO’s Wild Suitcase commercial has returned to TV screens across Ontario. A stampede of 33 million impressions will tell Ontario travellers to look for the TICO logo before they book to ensure there trip is FantasTICO. This Year It Will Be A Stampede!