Registration Process

TICO's Registration process can take between two to four weeks. This time frame may vary depending on how complete the application is and whether further documentation or information is required.

Travel Counsellors

Travel counsellors and/or employees of TICO Registrants are not required to be registered with TICO.  The actions of travel counsellors are the responsibility of the Registrant and they should be either employed or have a written contract.

Outside Sales Representative

An Outside Sales Representative is a person selling travel services who has a signed contract with a registered travel agency and has met the TICO Education Standard. All business conducted must be through the registered travel agency with whom the contract is signed.

Home Based Business 

TICO allows registrants to operate from their home/dwelling provided the provisions under Section 10(2) of Regulations 26/05 are met:
  • Registrant should provide proof to the Registrar that carrying on travel business from the dwelling is permitted by the municipality responsible for enforcing local zoning requirements.
  • Must have a business telephone number registered under the registrant’s company name and is different from any residential or personal telephone number.
  • Place of business must always be accessible to TICO inspectors.  The registrant should make arrangement that are satisfactory to the Registrar to provide access to the registrant’s business records.

Supervisor / Manager

During the registration application process, TICO will take into consideration the travel industry experience gained outside Canada for the person named on the application as the Supervisor/Manager.  A detailed resume outlining the person’s experience accompanied by original letters of reference and records of employment from current and/or previous employers are required to be submitted to TICO.

New managers are also required to meet the TICO Education Standard for both the Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager levels.

TICO Education Standard

Every person who is working for a registered Ontario retail travel agency and is selling travel services or providing travel advice to the public must, by law, meet the TICO's Education Standards which came into effect on July 1, 2009. This includes Supervisors and Managers on a registrant's registration record with TICO.  For more information on TICO's Education Standards - click here

Letter of Credit / Security

A Letter of Credit is a security deposit that TICO will hold until the registrant has filed two consecutive financial statements under section 22 of the Regulation. The Registrar may continue to keep the security if he/she has concerns about the Registrant's compliance. TICO will only accept a Letter of Credit from a financial institution in Ontario or a certified cheque or bank draft in the amount of $10,000 payable to TICO.

Internet Based Travel Business in Ontario

If a retail or wholesale travel business is based in Ontario and only sells travel services through the Internet, without any walk-in sales, the legislation still requires that the travel retailer or travel wholesaler carry on business from a permanent place of business that is not a dwelling unless the provisions of subsection 10(2) of Ontario Regulation 26/05 are met.  Therefore the commercial location of the travel business must be registered with TICO.  All books and records are to be kept at this location.

Registering with Service Ontario of the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery prior to registering with TICO

All applicants must register their company either as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, as well as your business name or trade style name, with Service Ontario, Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery. You may register online at  or contact the Ministry's General Enquiry Centre at: Toll Free: 1-800-268-1142 / Toronto: (416) 326-8555 or TTY: (416) 326-8566.

Previously Bankrupt - Eligibility for Registration

TICO Registration Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. Those individuals who have been discharged from a bankruptcy may be considered for registration however they must submit official documentation confirming they have been discharged and provide any other relevant information with regards to the bankruptcy with the TICO Registration Form.

Shared Office Space

A TICO Registrant may share office space with another company provided that it meets certain requirements. This issue should be discussed with a TICO Registration Officer.