TICO is committed to providing quality customer service to all stakeholders (consumers and registrants), however, should you have a complaint about the service received by TICO and you remain dissatisfied after addressing the matter with a Department Representative, there is a mechanism to address such complaints.

A complaint against TICO may include dissatisfaction related to TICO’s services, policies, procedures, customer service, a decision or its complaints handling process, where a stakeholder remains dissatisfied with TICO’s response or outcome.

Note for stakeholders: This process does not apply to matters in relation to legislative and/or enforcement issues where an existing administrative process, prosecution or appeals process exists.  For example, this policy does not apply where a Notice of Proposal to Revoke Registration has been issued.

The following will provide clarity and transparency of TICO’s complaints handling process and resolving complaints in an efficient and professional manner:

Step 1:

Stakeholders should first contact the Director of the appropriate Department to allow them the opportunity to review the circumstances and resolve your concern(s) to your satisfaction. The Director will undertake to communicate and remedy the stakeholder’s concerns to their satisfaction within 10 business days.  Stakeholders are requested to sent their written complaint to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and it will be forwarded to the appropriate Director.

Step 2:

If the Director is unable to resolve your concern(s) to your satisfaction, stakeholders are invited to contact TICO’s CEO.  The CEO will fully review the circumstances surrounding the complaint and the steps taken to reach a resolution as well as determine if changes to internal processes and procedures can be made to enhance TICO’s service delivery.  A written response will be provided to the complainant within a reasonable amount of time depending on the complexity of the issue.

Step 3:

Stakeholders who remain dissatisfied after their complaint has been reviewed by the CEO may request that their concern(s) be formally submitted to the attention of TICO’s Governance and Nominations Committee.  One of the Committee’s mandates is to review and resolve, as appropriate, complaints against TICO, which are based on dissatisfaction with the quality and fairness of its services to stakeholders. The Committee may make recommendations with respect to TICO’s complaint handling procedures based on a review of a complaint matter.

The Committee is made up of members of TICO's Board of Directors. The Committee’s mandate as it relates to reviewing complaints received against TICO is as follows:

  • Review and resolve, as appropriate, complaints against TICO.
  • Provide fair, transparent and accountable procedures for handling registrant and consumer complaints against TICO.
  • Develop standards for handling complaints.
  • Make recommendations with respect to TICO's complaint handling procedures.
  • Review trends of complaints to determine if recommendations can be made to address the cause of complaints.

How to Contact TICO and the Governance & Nominations Committee

Complainants who wish the Committee to review their concern(s), may submit their complaint in writing to the attention of the Chair, TICO’s Governance and Nominations Committee:

Email:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mail:    Travel Industry Council of Ontario
             c/o Chair, Governance and Nominations Committee

             55 Standish Court, Suite 460
             Mississauga, ON    L5R 4B2


After the Committee has had the opportunity to review the matter, a written response will be provided to the complainant within 5 business days following the Committee meeting.


Summary of complaints against TICO for the period April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023:


No. Complaints




Fairness of compliance process related to selling travel services without TICO registration and length of time to resolve the matter.

Enhancements to TICO’s processes and procedures.