March 31, 2021

Further to TICO’s recently announced fee waiver for annual registration renewal fees and Travel Industry Compensation Fund payments (“Form-1”), registrants are still required to report their Ontario gross sales by filling out the Form-1 (without payment). Please note that where no sales were made during the 6-month reporting period, registrants are still required to complete and file the Form-1 showing zero sales.

The Form-1 (without payment) is required to be submitted no later than 3 months after the 6-month period-end. For example, the Form1 for the 6-month period July-December is due no later than March 31.

If you have not reported your Ontario gross sales and it is past due, you are required to do so immediately. Click here to download Form-1. 

If you have already reported your semi-annual Ontario gross sales, thank you and please disregard this message.


Richard Smart

Registrar, Travel Industry Act, 2002