Providing thorough disclosures to your customers has always been an important part of the booking process. Now more than ever it’s essential to demonstrate the value of working with a trusted and knowledgeable TICO registrant. Sharing timely and important travel information up front, enables your customers to make informed decisions prior to completing their booking.

COVID-19 created new challenges for travel agents, but the legislative requirements remained the same. The guidelines specify that you have a responsibility to provide your customers with the comprehensive information they need to fully understand and make informed travel purchases.    

TICO’s Compliance Department developed COVID-19 Pandemic Disclosure Guidelines that will assist you with learning how best to disclose pandemic related information to your customers so they can travel with confidence.

Download the new COVID-19 Pandemic Disclosure Guidelines here.

Webinars - TICO’s Compliance Department will be hosting informative webinars aimed at helping you navigate disclosure guidelines, including those relating to the pandemic. We encourage you to sign up and learn more. 

Click here to register for your Disclosure Guidelines webinar of choice. More webinar dates will be added.