TICO is pleased to announce that it will be moving to a new education provider, Oliver Publishing Inc. (OPI), effective January 2, 2019.  OPI is a recognized leader in regulated e-learning for the financial industry and a leading education innovator in the FinTech industry, continually raising the bar by giving students the opportunity to grow professionally through continuing education, licensing and e-learning solutions. 

The move to the new provider will allow the introduction of some program enhancements with more upgrades to follow in the future.  

What is Changing?

  • Starting in January, students will register for the exam through TICO’s website with Oliver’s Publishing.  The link will be available on TICO’s website in the new year.   
  • Students will no longer have to wait 14 days to book and write their exams.  First exams can be written immediately following purchase. 
  • Students will have six months after purchasing the exam attempt to take the exam.
  • Exam results will be provided by email within three business days of writing the exam unless there is an irregularity noted during the compliance review.
  • Students will receive their exam certificates electronically.
  • There will no longer be a Combination Exam but students who wish to take both the Travel Counsellor and Supervisor/Manager Exams can still purchase the exams as a bundle for the same discounted price as the current Combination Exam.  If the student passes the Travel Counsellor Exam, he or she can continue and write the Supervisor/Manager Exam, or the individual can write the Supervisor/Manager Exam on another day.     

Please note that students will no longer have to arrange for proctors for their exams saving them both time and money.  Exams will be remotely proctored via webcam. 

The following system requirements are necessary in order to complete the exam with the new provider:

  • PC Windows - Certification Browser: Chrome (Windows 7 is not compatible), or
  • Mac OS 10.13x or higher - Certification Browser: Chrome
  • Installation of Oliver’s Digital LockTM - You will be required to download the Oliver’s Digital Lock. This is an application to ensure the integrity of the exams by restricting other computers being able to access your computer and your computer being able to access other websites while you are doing your Exam. During the entirety of the Exam, your communications will be restricted to our exam servers. You only need to install the Digital Lock once.

Additional Requirements:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 
  • Flash enabled (always allow access to the web camera)
  • Pop-Ups enabled
  • Web camera with microphone (if you do not have a computer with a built-in web camera and microphone)

What is Staying the Same?

  • The Study Manual is unchanged so anyone preparing for the exam can keep studying.
  • There is no change to the cost of the exams.

What if I want to take an exam in 2018?

  • Anyone wishing to take a TICO Exam this year will need to complete the exam by December 20, 2018. 
  • TICO’s Exam Registration database will be shut down on December 4, 2018.  Anyone registered who wishes to make a change after December 4, 2018 should contact Lori Furlan, TICO’s Exam Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  
  • There will be no TICO exams or registrations from December 20, 2018 to January 1, 2019 to complete the transition to the new provider. 

What if I want to take an exam in 2019?

  • Registration for TICO exams with the new provider will open on January 2, 2019.  As there is no waiting period prior to a first exam attempt, candidates will also be able to write the exam starting January 2, 2019.

What if I am already registered to take the exam?

  • All exams booked until December 20, 2018 will proceed as scheduled. 
  • Anyone with an exam booked during the shut down period will be contacted by TICO and arrangements will be made to expedite the exam or reschedule it with the new provider.
  • Any individual with an exam booked in early 2019 will be contacted by TICO and advised regarding the steps required to switch to the new provider.

Should you have any questions or require assistance regarding the changes to TICO’s Education Standards Program should contact Olivers Publishing  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-800-238-0377 (Mon-Fri 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET)