Travel Tips to Receive Compensation for Damaged Luggage

Many travelers have stood at the luggage carousal after enjoying a wonderful vacation finding themselves looking at their luggage coming down the carousel severely damaged and partially opened with some of their contents hanging out. Things like this can happen from time to time when you are traveling. If this has happened or happens to you  follow The Travel Industry Council of Ontario’s (TICO) travel tips to receiving compensation for damaged and lost luggage.

Purchase baggage insurance for travel protection

Travel Tip 1: Contact your Travel Agent or CTA

When your luggage is lost or damaged you should first attempt to resolve your complaint with your travel agent or air carrier.  If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome you may wish to turn to the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) who handles complaints in relation to damaged and lost luggage.

Travel Tip 2: Use the CTA’s Air Travel Complaints Process

After you have filed your complaint with the original air carrier visit to file an Air Travel Complaint with the CTA as they may be able to help you further.  The CTA will:

  • Evaluate your circumstances against the carrier’s legal obligations
  • Will approach the carrier in an attempt to obtain a resolution.

It should be noted that any claims are subject to proof of loss and the CTA cannot impose compensation beyond the airlines prescribed limit of liability.

Travel Tip 3: Purchase Baggage Insurance for all Future Travels

Almost all travelers are aware of the importance of purchasing cancellation and or medical insurance when traveling abroad but what seems to slide under the radar is the importance of baggage insurance. It is always a good idea to consider purchasing baggage insurance. Usually baggage insurance is bundled and sold with cancellation and/or medical insurance and is referred to as deluxe, comprehensive or all-inclusive travel insurance.  Baggage insurance will usually include protection from:

  • The loss of, or damage to, your baggage and personal effects that you own and use during your trip
  • Provides coverage for important travel documents if you happen to lose them, such as a passport, birth certificate, travel visa, or driver’s license.

It cant be stressed enough how important it is to purchase travel insurance (cancellation, medical and baggage) when investing your hard earned dollars into a well-earned vacation or trip of a lifetime.


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